Why Experiences?

Experiences are a way of creating memories and connecting deeper with yourself and others.

My family took the Love Language test, all the top results were the same: Quality Time

For me, I feel more connected with others when we are doing something together by creating memories, and building deeper relationships.  Then sharing those stories and memories for years to come.  Experiences have made me into the person that I am; through the good, bad, and the ugly.

Experiences are trending over gifts. Google has millions of articles dedicated to choosing experiences over stuff.  This is why I developed the website. To help inspire others through ideas and experiences.


Here is an non-inclusive list:

Home-cooked mealFoot & Back rubsParadesWalks
Watching a sunset / sunriseBoard GamesTrying something newArt
Outdoor activity (biking, canoeing,  paddle board)VacationsSunday drive in a convertibleConcerts

The list can go on and on. Some experiences are free, some may cost a little.  A little planning and thought can go a long way.

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