Who: The whole gang +1
What: Flew to the land down under.
When: Christmas 2014
Why: Possibly last opportunity to travel to Australia and it not costing 25K+ and 2 days of flying.


  • It is expensive! We ended up reducing our food budget by going to the local grocery store to get food for breakfast & lunch
  • Eat the ice cream with the pancakes, even if it is for breakfast
  • Go to Target! Yes, Target! For those expats living in Asia this is a must stop!
Getting to the Land down under

Traveling to Australia from South Korea was much easier then the United States, but it still took almost 12 hours of travelling to arrive. We had to take a train from Daegu to Seoul Airport, then fly to Beijing China, Bangkok Thailand, and finally arrived in Perth Australia with only 1 missing bag.

Getting Around Perth 

Perth had super easy public transport both for buses, trains, and cabs.  We traveled by all methods while exploring the area. Because we were visiting during the holidays, special pricing was available for public transport.

The train map was very easy to read, especially compared to what I have seen in busy cities such as Seoul.

I did find it funny that the escalators to the train tracks were the opposite of those in the United States. The down was on the left and the up was on the right.


Perth Public Transportation

Twilight Hawkers Market

We arrived on the perfect weekend to enjoy the Twilight Hawkers Market!   The market is an outdoor food festival with mouth watering food from all over the world. Living in Korea, we often times missed a diversity of food.  The market was alive with smells, people, and entertainment.

For more information on the Twilight Hawkers Market, check out the official website at

Cottesloe beach

Cottesloe beach was a simple city train ride from downtown Perth.  I was in awe of how beautiful the beach was. The water was crystal clear and the waves were powerful. The facilities had food, showers, restrooms and plenty of space for picnics.

Initially, we were only planning on stay one day at the beach, but everybody liked it so much, we ended up coming back multiple times.  It was was one of the cheapest activities.


Cottesloe beach
Cottesloe beach
Perth Mint

The Perth mint tour was worth it's weight in gold! The history of the gold rush in Western Australia was very informative.  The demonstration of the gold melting process was fascinating.  At the end of the tour there was a scale to tell you much you weight is worth in gold! Kids enjoyed getting a bunch of gold keepsakes.

For more information about the Perth Mint, check out the official website at


Fremantle Prison

The journey to Fremantle was an unexpected surprise. It was a great town despite the history. I learned that the prison was used by the British to ship over all their criminals to serve time in Fremantle instead of staying in England. 

Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island was the favorite spot for everybody. We took a ferry over from Fremantle. The island has ZERO cars. We rented bikes and spend the day exploring the wildlife of the island, including the cute and adorable native animal known as the quokka.


Perth Zoo

After spending the morning at Kings Park, it was an easy transition to the Perth Zoo. We took a ferry ride to the other side.  Of course, the best animal we saw was the koala.

For more information on the Perth Zoo, check out the official website at

Adventure World

The year was 2014... Black Widow by Australian singer Iggy Azalea was blasting throughout the park. Well, turns out at Adventure World, they have a ride called "Black Widow."  Now, every time I hear that song, I think of the ride.  Growing up in Ohio, the roller coaster capital of the world makes it hard to compete for rides. The kids loved adventure world, it was both dry and water rides and on a hot Australian day, this was a great way to cool off.

For more information on Adventure World, check out the official website at


The kids were a little old to go to the science museum, but it was worth going to to escape the hot afternoon sun. It was fun, but if you have teenagers, might want to just head to the beach.

Kings Park

 Kings Park offered an great escape from the city and best of all it is FREE!! We were on a tight budget and anything we could do for free was on top of our list. We wondered around the park for a few hours taking in the city views, flowers, and sunshine.

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