Cheese Based Experiences

I love food! Every country I visited expanded my taste buds beyond the midwestern flavors of my youth. The world is full of flavor to be tasted and bringing those tastes back home to infuse together in custom recipes. There is something about food that always ends up in conversation when talking about travel.

I had the idea to do a cheese experience almost 15 years ago, and yet have indulged in such a trip. In a recent google search, I found others that have the same desire. I came across which is exactly the kind of trips I would to take. Experienced based travel around the wonderful world of cheese sounds like a perfect trip.

My ideas are still unformed, just random ideas on my bucket list. One idea was to visit all the cities that had a cheese named after them and learn everything about the city and of course the cheese. For example, a trip to Italy can satisfy my cravings for Asiago and Parmigiano, both actual cities. I can take a train over to France and go to Brie and eat some at the same time! Though I might skip over Roquefort, France. I am not a fan of the stinky cheeses.

Even though I have yet to take any kind of cheese adventures, it does not keep me from creating cheese experiences at home. One option is to shop at a specialty grocery store to try a few new cheeses. Pair the cheese with friends and wine is a great way to experience cheese without a passport.