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One of the first concert memories I have is going back to the 80’s when The New Kids on the Block. My concert experiences have a wide range from Jimmy Buffet to Ozzy Osbourne to Justin Bieber! I have an appreciation for live music because I can feel the energy of the artist and the energy feeds on the crowds. Not only do I like rock concerts, I enjoy the symphony, musicals and operas.

It was my youngest 10th birthday request. To go see Justin Bieber “Believe Tour” in 2013. This was the first concert the kids experienced. It was an amazing concert, despite being Justin Bieber! Since we were in Korea , the opening band was G-Dragon, the King of K-Pop. It was exciting to make a whole weekend out of the event. A bunch of friends took the train to Seoul, got a hotel, went to the concert, went shopping and made memories to last a lifetime.

I believe it was that concert that has sparked a love of live music for her. Just about every birthday she has requested to go to a concert. After returning from Korea we lived near Washington, DC. One weekend we saw Sam Smith and Ariana Grande. Sam Smith was by far one of my favorite live preformances.

Thanks to we were able to experience even more concerts, for little to no costs. Vettix is a non-profit organization that provides tickets to concerts, sporting events and other entertainment venunes for Veterans.