Experiences Not Stuff: Our Story

Each year we celebrate various occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, good grades and the list goes on and on typically showered in gifts.  For people who know me, I never was a big person on gifts, I preferred quality time.  It wasn't until the family read "The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman did I understand that each member of my family scored highests in quality time.  It only made sense that we changed the way we celebrated with one another.

Over the years, as the kids grew older and we would talk about memories when we see or smell something that reminds of a memory, it is usually the experiences that we share. Sometimes it would be the simplest things like when they smell cinnamon, the conversation may go like "Remember when we drank hot cider after looking at the Christmas lights?" and the memories and the conversations would flow. Granted, there are special gifts they received over the years from family and friends that are held dearly, but the gifts usually are tied to a positive experience or memory.

Experiences Not Stuff - Junk sitting in the garage
My actual garage... filled to the ceiling

I am especially reminded of all the "stuff" each year when I attempt to clean out the garage or their closest.

In recent years, it has become more important to us to celebrate by doing not by more stuff that sits in a closet or a shelf.

Meet the TeaM

Angela Rey - ExperiencesNotStuff.com

Angela Rey

Founder  &

CEO (Chief Experience Officer)

Angela enjoys quality time with friends and family. Her a passion for traveling and trying new things. Angela has lived in Europe and Asia.  Every place she visits or experiences has made her to the person she is today.


Rey Children

The Stowaways

The Rey children have visited over 13+ countries before they were old enough to drive. The exposure to the many cultures and experiences have molded them into citizens of the world.

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