Road Trip- Florida to Minnesota

I had less then two days to plan a road trip from Florida to Minnesota.  My oldest daughter decided to move up to Minnesota for a variety of reasons, including the the cooler summers and even colder winters.

Stop 1: Atlanta, GA

The first stop was outside of Atlanta. We got such a late start, we were not able to go to downtown Atlanta or see any of the local points of interest. It was good to find an area outside of Atlanta in the event we need to leave Florida during hurricane season. We stayed at the Holiday Day In Express in Kennesaw, GA. It was right off the highway and restaurants near by. For dinner, we used Yelp to find us a great 100% vegan Chinese restaurant. It was so good, we thought it was real chicken.

Stop 2: Nashville/Clarksville, TN

After an early morning departure, we continued to drive up 75. We decided to do a detour to follow the signs for Ruby Falls near Chattanooga, TN. It was a nice detour, took a little longer then I wanted and it was slightly more expensive then I hoped. A few hours later, the trip continued. We agreed that the drive to Nashville would only be country music. We arrived in Nashville and it was hot and crowded. It was so loud with all the bars competing for business. It was unclear which places were family friendly and which were not. So we decided to get ice-cream instead. We left downtown and headed over to the Parthenon. Everybody enjoyed the walk around the pond and grounds over the loudness of downtown. Dinner was Italian. We stayed in Clarksville, as we use to live there wanted to see the old house.

Stop 3: St. Louis, MN

We decided to check out downtown, however, it was the same day as a hockey game and made it difficult to walk around. Traffic and parking was outrageous. Seeing the Arch and walking around the riverfront was a nice change from sitting in the car for hours. We ate dinner at the loop, as it was highly recommended. The street was colorful with all the neon signs and chose to eat at Fitz. The amount of rootbeer floats were overwhelming! Sadly, I was unable to find anyplace that had ooey gooey cake.

Stop 4: Chicago, IL

Instead of driving through Iowa, there was a last minute decision to take a detour to Chicago. Chicago is one of my favorite cities to visit. We had a fantastic time on the Architectural Tour with Shoreline Sightseeing. Another pleasant surprise was to find a Tous Les Jours Bakery, a Korean bakery that has made it over to the United States.

Detour: Cheese Castle

I fell asleep after departing Chicago and I woke up in heaven. My daughter stopped at Mars Cheese Castle. I was excited to get some fresh cheese curds and sample all kinds of cheddars. I could have ate the whole store.

Final Stop: Minnesota

Made it!