Gasparilla – The Pirate Parade and Invasion

1st Gasperilla -2017

I never heard of Gasparilla Parade. 6 months after moving to Tampa, I drove part-time with Uber. The Uber app notified me of a high paying event, known as Gasparilla.

Nothing could prepare me for what was next! The first group of passengers were a group of woman in full pirate gear.  The second pick-up was a family of pirates, I started to notice a theme. Each of the passengers gave me a little background on the parade and festivities.  Throughout the day, I spent the day / evening picking up pirates, mostly drunk. It was then; I decided I needed to find out more about this whole Gasperilla season.

Gasparillia Pirate Parade

The Pirate Wardrobe

I was not prepared for the 2017 Gasperilla, I made it a point to be prepared for 2018.

First, I started to find my wardrobe.  At first, I went to a store in south Tampa, and purchased my whole outfit without looking at different shops.  After researching the internet, I found a better shop and regret not going to it first. My husband go to Pirate Fashions, a local store with amazing pirate garb. I was so impressed with the service and selection at Pirate Fashions; I decided that I would upgrade my outfit for next year.

Gasperilla Invasion

2nd Gasparilla – Viewing Options

Next, I had to figure out where were I was going to enjoy the invasion and parade.  I knew I wanted to see the invasion and the parade rather than having to see one or the other. After reading blogs and research, I decided to go with the combo package that included seating at the Tampa Convention Center for both events.

Seating at the convention center was covered and not crowded. The benefits were clean restrooms, snacks, and walking to parade was near by.

Gasparillia Pirate Invasion

Gasperilla Invasion- Convention Center Seating

Researching the seating options for the parade route is an important decision. The seats were located towards the end of the route, and many of the krewes were very tired and just throwing out bags of beads. The reserved seating included bleachers, but did not have back support. I spent most of my time standing. At least there were private port-a-potties.

Gasparillia Pirate Parade

3rd Gasparilla – 2019

After posting a ton of photos from the 2018 event, I was able to get others excited about coming to Tampa in January to spend the day drinking rum and dressing up as a pirate! Wait, that should not take too much convincing.

My husband and I both upgraded our garb. I found this outfit so comfortable, I have considered making it part of my daily clothes!  After all being a pirate isn’t about dressing up for one day, it is a lifestyle!

4th GASPARILLA – 2020

After searching for a Krewe to join, I decided on the VooDoo Krewe. Next parade, I’ll be on the boat!

For more information on the VooDoo Krewe