Summer Out West: Lodging Choices

Deciding on where to stay is always a challenge. I did not want to spend a lot on lodging because we are not going to be hanging by the pool and staying on a resort. If we wanted to sit by the pool, we would do that at home.

Stop 1: Las Vegas

Our flight takes us to Vegas first, it was the cheapest way to get out west using our miles.  As a former hospitality major, it just amazes me on how many choices for lodging are in Vegas.

Stop 2: Sequoias National Park 

Finding lodging around the national parks has been more challenging.  I knew I would have to book early if I wanted to get a nice room within our price range and close to the parks.  Big chain hotels do not seem to be the best choice for near the Sequoias.  I was lucky enough to find a cabin through the Department of Forestry and booked through  I’ll write more about the cabin as I find out info. There is very little information on the cabin.

Stop 3: Yosemite

Yosemite was another challenge considering I have never been there.  The park is so large and there are specific entrances. I relied on reviews and suggestions made by other travelers.  The best option I found was renting a vacation cabin.

Stop 4: San Francisco 

I almost took San Francisco off the list because of the cost of a lodging.  Hotels, Airbnb (ironically), Bed and Breakfasts were all out of the price range for where I wanted to stay. Considering we had limited time, I wanted to be close to alot of the activities without having to drive from the outskirts. For this leg of the trip, I chose an option I have never tried before. A hostel.

Stop 5: Los Angeles