Malapascua Island– Phillippines

Malapascua is a wonderful island off another island of Cebu where you can enjoy the beach.  Malapascua is one of my favorite vacations of all times.  The total cost of this amazing trip was a whopping $69.00 round trip on Cebu Pacific. Cebu Pacific, it is a discount airline, similar to Frontiner or Spirit in the United States.  It was only a 4 hour flight from Busan, Korea to Cebu.  If we attempted to do this trip from the United States, it would be over $1K per person and 24+ hours of travelling.

  • Go to Malapascua Island
  • Get in-room massages
  • Eat mangos, lots and lots of mangos!
malapascua island location on a map in comparison to Korea
Location of Malapascua Island


We landed in Cebu (Mactan International Airport). The next morning, we hired a driver to take us 3 hours to the port. We had to take a boat to get to another boat. Yes, a boat to a boat.

We spent one magical night on one of the most beautiful tiny islands. We were suppose to stay at a cute little beach hut resort, but there was serious confusion when we arrived.  Thankfully since the island is so small, the resort referred us to other hotels.  We walked to the other hotel and stayed at the Blue Corals Beach Resort. For more information about the Blue Corals Beach Resort at

The island is so small, as it is only 1+ mile in length!  The beaches were full of sand and not of people, unlike the neighboring island of Boracay.  Malapascua is known for the scuba diving and the ability to see the thresher sharks.  We decided not to dive and just take advantage of the white sandy beach eat the mangos. 

malapascua island beach views with palm trees
Beach Views that are out of this world
malapascua island bamboo boat
A bamboo boat with crystal clear waters
malapascua island beach hotel
Beach Hotel
Malapascua Police Station
Malapascua Police Station

beach view
Malapascua Island Beach View
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