Cebu– Philippines

Cebu is a popular tropical destination from Korea and is world famous for the mangos.

Cebu Plantation Island
Checking in middle of the night at Plantation Island, Cebu

Getting to Cebu: Cebu Pacific

I’ve  heard of Cebu twice in my life, first time was in my favorite Enya song “Sail Away” From Peru to Cebu, feel the power of Babylon.  Second time was in the Veggie Tails song “‘Song Of The Cebu.”

I was shocked on the prices to Cebu on Cebu Pacific. Some of my friends were able to get flights one way for 1 Philippine Peso which is about $.20, that’s right TWENTY CENTS!

Going to Cebu from Korea was super easy and super cheap. I have yet to find flights in America that compared to the prices of Cebu Pacific.

It is like the Ryanair Air of Asia. The closest airline that might compare is Spirit or Frontier. Cebu Pacific does a bare bones airfare and the options to upgrade everything such as seats, baggage’s, food, and all the other items that would come standard with other airlines.

The only down side from flying with Cebu Pacific was the arrival time Mactan Airport was usually past midnight.  Checking in at the hotel was about 1:00AM.

Bohol Philippines

Our first visit to Cebu included a day tour to Bohol Island. We took a ferry to the island first thing in the morning. On our agenda was to visit the following sites:

  • Chocolate Hills
  • Tarsier Monkeys
  • Loboc river cruise
  • Blood Compact Monument
  • Baclayon Church
Chocolate Hills

In earlier years, we took the children to Hershey Park. When we told them we were going to the Chocolate Hills, they had visions of a Willy Wonka wondrous place. They were disappointed when the found out the hills were not alive with chocolate (Signing in my Julie Andrews voice) .

There was a small café that I thought might have chocolate to appease the children, but no they did not. But they did have mango and sweet potato ice cream, also known as Ube. Everything was happy in the world again.

Sadly, in 2013, there was an earthquake that did significat damage to the chocolate hills.

Philippine Tarsier Foundation

Part of our tour took us the see the small & endangered tarsier monkeys. Some articles say this cute little animal was the inspiration behind Yoda.

Loboc river cruise

Lunch was served during a lovely river cruise along the Loboc river.  Entertainment was provided by multiple villages along the way route on shore to preform local dancing to support the village.

Baclayon Church & Blood Compact Monument

Baclayon church was built in the 1500’s and one of the islands oldest churches. It was damaged by the 2013 earthquake, but have since been restored. My favorite part of the church was the rainbow glass and how it reflected around the church. The Blood Compact monument was across the street from the church.

Blood Compact Monument bohol island off cebu
Blood Compact Monument
bohol island - Chocolate Hills off cebu
Chocolate Hills, Bohol Island
Eating mango ice cream at Bohol Island Chocolate Hills off cebu
Mango and ube ice cream at the Chocolate Hills
tarsier monkey off cebu
Tarsier Monkey, Bohol Island
Loboc River Cruise, Bohol Island off cebu
Loboc River Cruise, Bohol Island
bohol island
bohol island

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