Summer Out West: Things to do

The lodging has been booked, which makes planning the activities easier knowing where we will be. I do not want to keep a strict agenda while traveling, but I know that some activities must be well planned or may miss out.

I’ve challenged each family member to give me ideas of experiences and I would attempt to fit them into the schedule. Below is a list of ideas that I am working on scheduling, budgeting and researching.

Nevada / Las vegas

Horse Back Riding Las Vegas
  • Sunset horseback riding through Red Rock National Conversation Area: I like the idea of the sunset ride because we will be in Vegas during the summer and it may be to hot any other time.  The cost per person is more then the airline tickets to Vegas! At $169 per person, this may be moved to the bottom of my list unless I can make it work. UPDATE: I was able to get a discount and booked the sunset rides. Now we must go thrifting for a great cowboy shirt.
  • Shows: Which one? So many to chose from.
Neon Museum Las Vegas
  • I love flashy lights.  The price isn’t to bad at $24 a person.  I’ve read reviews that it is best to go at dusk to see the signs during both daylight and then lit up.

Sequoia National Park

  1. Hiking
  2. Natural water slides
  3. More hiking


  1. Rafting: The rafting idea is removed as an option due to water levels in the summer. Apparently if there is not enough snow that melts, the rivers can not handle rafting rides.
  2. Hiking
  3. More Hiking:

San Francisco

  1. Alcatraz: made it super simple to reserve tickets far enough in advance.  While the idea of the night time tour sounded exciting, no night tours are available for the days we will be there. Instead, we will go first thing in the morning, which is cheaper and less crowded.
  2. Idea 2
  3. Idea 3

Los Angeles

  1. Idea 1
  2. Idea 2
  3. Idea 3