Snowy Winter Vacation

Before Florida

Ice Park
Korean Ice Park

Before living in Florida, we lived in places that experienced the four seasons. It was very common for me to find experiences to do during the winter to make the most of the cold dark days. Everything from ice parks, ice skating, sled riding, zoo lights with Christmas carolers and hot chocolate. The idea for winter break vacations were dreams of tropical destination. And now living in Florida, the children want a snowy winter break.

After Florida

2019 marks the third year of living in Florida. Apparently, living near one of the best beaches in the country lined with white powder sand, it does not count for a white Christmas. Winter is one of the best times in Florida with the cooler temperatures, less humid days making December a great place to time to visit and the idea of leaving for a colder place makes me scratch my head.

Beach Vacation in Cebu

I started to entertain the idea of where to go for winter break that included snow. I’ve come up with a few ideas, but have not decided if any of them would work for this year, maybe will add to idea bucket.

Snowy Winter – Europe

One of my best memories of living in Germany was the annual Christmas markets. My idea of Christmas has changed over the years, yet the concept of a Europe Christmas is what I grew up thinking a perfect Christmas scene would look like. The town center was the heart of the markets, usually near the church and plaza. Each street surrounding the town center was lined with little cottages trimmed with white Christmas lights selling handicrafts, food, and drinks. Despite the cold weather, people stood outside drinking gluhwein and eating bratwurts.

Sadly, I have all these great memories, but the kids do not remember. I would love to take them back to Europe to experience the traditional Christmas markets. We have gone to the Chicago, Washington DC & Philadelphia Christmas markets but nothing compare to the original ones.

As much as I would love to go, the airline tickets start at a min. of $600 per person. This would clearly break the budget.

Snowy Winter- Canada

Canada is cold and will have lots of snow. One option was to fly to NYC for a day or two to see the big city decked out for the holidays. Then, take the Amtrack train from NYC to Toronto or Montreal and then fly back to Florida. The train ride would be long, but it would be a beautiful but long. It would a way to enjoy the snow without having to drive in it.

Snowy Winter- Georgia

If we wanted to keep it simple and if the goal was to see snow and be cold, Georgia is the closest drive from Florida to see the white stuff. Helna could provide the feel of the Europe Christmas markets without the airline tickets.

Final Decision

The ideas are still flowing and research is still in the works. If I had to make a decision today, I would like to go to Canada via the train.