Why Travel is my Favorite Experience

From a young age, I have loved to travel. I think it was my dads love for adventure that lead me to wanting to see and do more. Travel is my favorite experience and it does not have to be expensive despite the misconception. Even with all the traveling I did in my youth, I did not ride in airplane until I left for the Army at the age of 18.

Travel takes many forms and it can be as far or near. I know people have not left their current cities, ever. Even the lamest states should be explored. I remember a few news stations that promoted weekend events that took one tank of gas or less. It does not take a lot to see a lot.

The internet has opened the doors to traveling. Everything from getting travel ideas, learn from other travelers, reading reviews, finding the best price and the list goes on. I’m pretty sure a whole site could be written about the impact of the interent on the travel industry!

Technology has also changed the way people travel. I remember my parents going to AAA to pick up a “TripTik.” For those you do not know, a TripTik is a narrow spiral bound map that highlights the route for whatever the destination is. Each flip of the page meant it was one page closer to the end of the route. AAA has upgraded from the old time maps to the digital cousin.

Korean GPS

GPS, Smart phones making re-routes possible. The only way we were able to do road trips in Korea was thanks to our English GPS. No matter how lost we got, we just had to hit “HOME” and it took us to the front door!

Hopefully I can give some ideas that can inspire you to get out and travel! The best thing that I have learned about travel, is the idea that that a smile has no accent. Travelling not only opens your eyes, but your mind.