Hanoi - Vietnam

Who: The whole gang
What: Traveled to Hanoi, Vietnam for a few days after a multi-country stop to Cambodia .
When: Spring Break 2015, last spring break vacation in Asia. Last spring break (period)
Why: As the daughter of a Vietnam vet, I wanted to go. This was most likely my only opportunity


  • Travel with cash. More to follow
  • Go to the spa's
  • Try the coffee

Hanoi Airport

I did a lot of planning for this trip, especially since we were visiting two countries at a time.  However, I did not plan well enough for what we encountered at the airport.

We arrived in Hanoi after a short flight from Cambodia.  I made sure we had our Visas prior to arriving in Vietnam. I had all the copies of the approvals and every correspondence referencing the visas. Well, somewhere along the lines something went wrong, very wrong.  The Vietnamese custom guards took our passports and told us we needed to pay $25 per passport.  At the time we were living in South Korea, and it was normal for us to carry won instead of US dollars. We had enough to pay for the fee in won, but not dollars. When we asked if we could pay in won, we were told "ONLY US DOLLAR!"  We then asked where the closest ATM was, they pointed to OUTSIDE the controlled area which a passport is required.  Basically, we were trapped in immigration. I sat there in a panic wondering how we were going to get our passports back and get back on a flight to Korea. Thankfully, another English speaker was waiting in the holding area with us. I asked him if this was normal entry process to Vietnam and he said yes. I explained our situation and he was kind of enough to give us the money in order to get our passports back.

As we went to the ATM to return his money, our bank blocked any withdraws.  We explained the issue to the kind gentleman and he understood. All he asked was for us to send him a check when we get home and apologized for any inconveniences. He said do not let this prevent us from not enjoying our time in Vietnam.  He arranged for a taxi to our hotel and wished us well.

When we came home, first thing we did was send him a check and a big thank you. If it was not for him, I do not know what the outcome of our trip would have been.


Hanoi Hotel

We took a cab to the InterConntinental Hanoi Westlake. By the time the issue at the airport was resolved, it was dark. Upon arrival to the hotel, I was very impressed. Our rooms were very modern and clean. I used my IHG points to pay for our rooms, otherwise we would have chosen somewhere else.

We arrived so late, the only place open within walking distance was the bar. The bar tender was very friendly and made us a local favorite adult cocktail. *Trying to remember the name of it* All I remember it was green. After a restful night sleep, we went to the breakfast which was amazing! Had something for everybody. The pool was lovely, but considering it was April it was very cold & misty. No time for swimming.

InterContinental® Hanoi Westlake
InterContinental® Hanoi Westlake
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Getting Around Hanoi

There are tips of knowing which taxi's are safe. I will have to relook some of my travel notes to see which ones are legit. We were told at the hotel "DO NOT GET INTO JUST ANY TAXI." There are a lot of scams in Hanoi and for safety sake, educate yourself before you go!

Motorcycles are everywhere! The traffic in Hanoi is unlike anything that I have ever seen before. Very few stop signs, lights, or directional signs. It can be very dangerous for walkers! Stay Alert! Stay Alive!



Vietnamese Coffee

One of my travel goals is to taste all the coffees of the world. My Vietnam coffee experience did not disappoint. We went to a few coffee stores and did some tastings. I did end up buying a Vietnamese coffee maker. I still use it to this day. It is similar to a manual drip maker.


vietnamese coffee
vietnamese coffee
Hanoi Scam
Hanoi Scam: The shoe theft

I was standing on the street while the rest of the gang was shopping. I was minding my own business when a young man came up to me and took my shoe off.  He continued to run across the street and started to fix my shoe. I kept asking for my shoe back and he demanded money. I did not get my shoe back until my  husband saw what was happening and came out of the store. The young man gave me my shoe back and ran away.

Hanoi Scam: The Pineapple Lady

We were minding our own business when this lady came up to my daughter and placed a hat on her head. The lady said "take a picture!" So we did, and then she demanded $5 dollars! We argued for a bit and ended up just buying some pineapple. We did not ask for a picture  nor did we approach her first. Watch out for the pineapple people.

Hanoi Scam

Heartbreak Hotel

No trip to Hanoi would be complete without a tour of Heartbreak Hotel. Ever since I was a teenager, I knew I would one day serve in the US military. I use to read books on POW's and military history.

As daughter of a Vietnam vet it was chilling to walk the halls of the Ho Lo prison.

One of the best things I love about traveling is experiencing history from another's perspective. The photos showed here are of American POW's celebrating the holidays! There was even a handmade drawing of Santa made by a "guest" on display. I did not speak much during our tour. It was a time of reflection.

Hoa Lo Prision
Hoa Lo Prision