Summer Out West: Road Trip

I took my first long haul family road trip when I was about 11 years old.  We packed up the family in my dad’s rusty red suburban and off we went. Our trip took the northern route from Ohio, hitting Illinois, Iowa, N. Dakota until we hit California.  The return route, we took the bottom half the United States.  It was an amazing adventure filled with memories. I knew one day I would want to do a trip like that again.

After living overseas for 5 years, I knew it was time to take that trip again, well maybe a modified version.  My children were able to experience travel throughout Asia which broadened their understanding of the world.  Road trips in Korea were limited due to the size of the country and the neighbor to the north.

I realized the children did not grasp the vastness and diversity of America. It was then I decided to plan for an epic trip!

It has been two years since our return to the US and I am finally getting started on the goal I set out to do years ago. I’ve documented my process to plan the trip and hope one day you will be able to do the same trip for yourself or with family and friends.

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