Check out these 10 unusual attractions that you can find only in Houston

Houston is a vibrant and diverse city that offers plenty of attractions and activities for all kinds of travelers. Whether you are looking for culture, history, nature, or adventure, you will find something to suit your taste in this Texan metropolis. But if you want to explore beyond the usual tourist spots and discover some hidden gems, here are 10 under-the-radar or offbeat experiences that you can have in Houston.

Space Center Houston

If you are fascinated by space exploration and science, you can’t miss a visit to Space Center Houston, the official visitor center of NASA Johnson Space Center. Here you can learn about the history and future of space missions, see real rockets and spacecraft, touch a moon rock, watch live presentations, and even meet an astronaut. You can also take a tram tour to see the Mission Control Center, the Astronaut Training Facility, and Rocket Park.

Houston Grand Opera

For a night of culture and elegance, head to the Houston Grand Opera, one of the world’s leading opera companies. You can enjoy spectacular performances of classic and contemporary operas, featuring some of the best singers, conductors, and directors in the industry. The opera house is located in the Wortham Theater Center, a stunning building with two theaters and a six-story grand foyer.

The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art

The Orange Show Center for Visionary Art is a unique nonprofit organization that celebrates and preserves visionary art environments created by self-taught artists. You can visit The Orange Show Monument, a whimsical folk-art masterpiece made of recycled materials by Jeff McKissack; The Beer Can House, a quirky house covered with over 50,000 beer cans by John Milkovisch; and Smither Park, a colorful park decorated with mosaic murals by various artists.

The Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern

The Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern is a former underground drinking water reservoir that was built in 1926 and decommissioned in 2007. It is now open to the public as an art and historical site, where you can take guided tours or see immersive art installations. The cistern has an impressive architecture, with 221 concrete columns and a reflective pool of water. It also has a distinctive echo effect due to its acoustics.

Beer Can House

If you are looking for something quirky and fun, check out the Beer Can House, one of Houston’s most famous landmarks. This house was transformed by John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer, who started to cover it with beer cans in 1968 as a hobby. He used over 50,000 cans to decorate the exterior walls, fences, and even make wind chimes. The house is now a museum that showcases his creativity and recycling skills.

National Museum of Funeral History

For something different and macabre, visit the National Museum of Funeral History, where you can learn about the history and traditions of death and burial from various cultures and eras. The museum has exhibits on ancient Egyptian mummies, presidential funerals, celebrity memorabilia, hearses, coffins, and more. You can also see the world’s largest collection of funeral service items and artifacts.

Art Car Museum

The Art Car Museum is a place where art meets automobile. Here you can see amazing vehicles that have been transformed into works of art by artists from all over the world. The museum features cars that are painted, sculpted, decorated, or modified in various ways to express their owners’ personalities and visions. The museum also hosts the annual Houston Art Car Parade, which is the largest of its kind in the world.

Houston Police Museum

If you are interested in law enforcement and crime history, you can visit the Houston Police Museum, located inside the Houston Police Department headquarters. The museum displays artifacts and memorabilia related to the history and operations of the Houston Police Department since its inception in 1841. You can see uniforms, badges, weapons, vehicles, photographs, and more. You can also pay tribute to the fallen officers at the memorial wall.

The Health Museum

The Health Museum is a place where you can learn about the human body and health in an interactive and fun way. The museum has exhibits that let you explore the anatomy, physiology, genetics, and behavior of yourself and others. You can see a giant walk-through heart, a 22-foot-long backbone, a 4D theater, and more. You can also take part in hands-on activities and experiments that will challenge your mind and body.

The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection is a world-class art museum that houses the private collection of John and Dominique de Menil, two philanthropists and art lovers who moved to Houston from France in 1941. The museum showcases their eclectic and diverse collection of over 17,000 artworks, ranging from ancient to modern, from various cultures and regions. You can see paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, and more by artists such as Picasso, Matisse, Warhol, Magritte, and Rothko.

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