Make your Montego Bay unforgettable with these 10 experiences

Montego Bay is one of the most popular destinations in Jamaica, but there is more to this city than just beaches and resorts. If you are looking for some under-the-radar experiences that will make your trip unforgettable, here are 10 suggestions for you.

Explore the haunted Rose Hall Great House

If you are into history and mystery, you will love visiting the Rose Hall Great House, a former plantation mansion that is said to be haunted by the ghost of Annie Palmer, also known as the White Witch of Rose Hall. She was a notorious mistress who allegedly killed her three husbands and several slaves in the 19th century. You can take a guided tour of the house and learn about its dark past, or join a night tour for a more spooky experience.

Feed hummingbirds at Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

For a more peaceful and relaxing experience, head to Rocklands Bird Sanctuary, where you can feed hummingbirds from your hand. The sanctuary is home to more than a dozen species of hummingbirds, including the endemic Jamaican mango and the red-billed streamertail. You can also see other birds such as woodpeckers, parrots and finches. The sanctuary is located in the hills of Anchovy, about 30 minutes from Montego Bay.

Swim in the glowing Luminous Lagoon

One of the most magical experiences you can have in Montego Bay is swimming in the Luminous Lagoon, a natural phenomenon that occurs when millions of microorganisms emit a blue-green light when disturbed by movement. The lagoon is one of the most accessible places in the world to see this bioluminescence. You can take a boat ride to the lagoon at night and jump in the water to see yourself glow.

Learn about Rastafari culture at Rastafari Indigenous Village

If you want to learn more about the Rasta culture and lifestyle, you can visit the Rastafari Indigenous Village, a community of Rastafarians who live in harmony with nature. You can take a guided tour of the village and see how they grow organic food, make crafts, play music and practice their faith. You can also join them for a drumming session, a meditation session or a vegan meal.

Visit Sam Sharpe Square and pay tribute to a national hero

Sam Sharpe Square is the historical and cultural center of Montego Bay, where you can see monuments and buildings that commemorate the city’s past. The square is named after Sam Sharpe, a national hero who led a slave rebellion in 1831 that contributed to the abolition of slavery in Jamaica. You can see his statue in the square, as well as the Cage, a former jail for runaway slaves, and the Civic Centre, which houses a museum and a gallery.

Admire art and nature at Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery and Garden

Ahhh…Ras Natango Gallery and Garden is a hidden gem that showcases the artistic talents and passion for nature of a local family. The gallery features paintings by Ras Natango, his wife Tamika and their son Ayale. The garden is a lush oasis of tropical plants, flowers and birds that they have created on a steep hillside. You can take a tour of the gallery and garden, buy some souvenirs or join an art workshop.

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Discover marine life at Montego Bay Marine Park

Montego Bay Marine Park is a protected area that covers 15 square kilometers of coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds and islands. It is home to hundreds of species of fish, turtles, dolphins and other marine creatures. You can explore the park by snorkeling, diving, kayaking or taking a glass-bottom boat tour. You can also learn about the park’s conservation efforts and environmental education programs.

Experience plantation life at Barnett Estate Plantation

Barnett Estate Plantation is a 300-year-old sugar plantation that offers a glimpse into the history and culture of Jamaica. You can take a tour of the plantation and see the original sugar mill, the great house, the slave quarters and the rum distillery. You can also enjoy activities such as horseback riding, ATV riding, river tubing and ziplining.

Shop, dine and party at Hip Strip

Hip Strip is the main entertainment and shopping area of Montego Bay, where you can find a variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, shops and hotels. You can enjoy the lively atmosphere, sample some local cuisine, buy some souvenirs or join the nightlife. Some of the popular spots on Hip Strip are Margaritaville, Pier 1, Doctor’s Cave Beach and Coral Cliff Casino.

Taste tropical fruits and coffee at Croydon in the Mountains

Croydon in the Mountains is a working plantation that grows coffee, pineapple, citrus and other fruits. You can take a tour of the plantation and learn about its history and production methods. You can also taste some of the fresh fruits and coffee and enjoy the scenic views of the mountains and the coast.

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