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Train travel is a wonderful way to not only explore new destinations and immerse yourself in the culture, scenery and history of a place, but it gives you the chance to slow down and really appreciate those things. Whether you are looking for a relaxing ride, an adventurous journey, a luxurious escape or simply want to reduce your carbon footprint, there is a train for you. Here are 10 outstanding train journeys that will take you to some of the most amazing places on the planet.

Qinghai-Tibet Railway from Xining to Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region

This is the highest train in the world, climbing to more than 5,200 metres above sea level. Along the way, you will see stunning views of the yellow plateau, the Kunlun Mountains, the Tibetan grasslands and the sacred city of Lhasa. The train is equipped with oxygen supply and medical staff to help you cope with the altitude.

The Skeena from Jasper to Prince Rupert, Canada

A well-kept secret, this VIA Rail train runs between Jasper in Alberta and Prince Rupert in British Columbia, crossing the Rocky Mountains and following the Skeena River. You will see spectacular landscapes of lakes, forests, mountains and wildlife, as well as learn about the history and culture of the First Nations people who live along the route.

Sagano Scenic railway in Kyoto, Japan

This charming train runs along a narrow-gauge railway that dates back to the 19th century. It travels at a leisurely pace along the Hozu River, offering close-up views of the river valley and its seasonal beauty. In spring, you can enjoy the fragrance and sight of cherry blossoms, while in autumn, you can marvel at the fiery colours of maple trees.

The Lake Titicaca Train, Peru

This train takes you from Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca to Cuzco, the heart of the ancient Incan empire. Along the way, you will traverse the Altiplano, a high-altitude plateau with stunning views of snow-capped peaks and rolling valleys. The train offers a comfortable and elegant ride, with gourmet meals, live music and an observation car.

The California Zephyr, USA

This classic train journey takes you from Chicago to San Francisco, crossing prairies, deserts, mountains and canyons. You will see some of the most iconic landmarks of North America, such as the Rocky Mountains, the Sierra Nevada, the Colorado River and the Golden Gate Bridge. The train has a domed observation car that lets you enjoy panoramic views.

The Beijing-to-Lhasa Express, China

This train connects Beijing with Lhasa, the capital of Tibet and one of the most spiritual places in the world. The train covers more than 3,700 kilometres in 40 hours, passing through urban China and rural Tibet. You will see diverse landscapes of plains, mountains, rivers and lakes, as well as cultural attractions such as temples and monasteries.

The Ghan, Australia

This train takes its name from the Afghan camel drivers who helped explore Australia’s outback in the 19th century. It runs from Darwin to Adelaide, crossing the continent from north to south. You will experience the vastness and diversity of Australia, from the tropical Top End to the red centre to the green hills of the south.

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express, Europe

This is one of the most famous and luxurious trains in the world, evoking the glamour and romance of a bygone era. It travels from Paris to Venice, passing through France, Switzerland, Austria and Italy. You will enjoy exquisite cuisine, impeccable service and elegant cabins, as well as stunning views of the Alps and the countryside.

The Maharajas’ Express, India

This train offers a royal experience of India, taking you to some of the most iconic destinations in the country. You can choose from different itineraries that cover Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Mumbai and more. You will see magnificent monuments, cultural heritage, wildlife and natural beauty, while enjoying a lavish ride.

Around the World by Luxury Train, Multiple Countries

This is the ultimate train journey for those who want to see the world in style. It covers 13 countries in 80 days, using some of the most prestigious trains in the world. You will travel across Canada, Scotland, France, Italy, Turkey, Hungary, India, South Africa and more, experiencing different cultures, cuisines and landscapes along the way.

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