This week’s top 5 travel experiences: Swim in a cenote, visit the end of the world and the other Parthenon

Swimming in a Mexican cenote is an experience that you shouldn't miss. (Image by Darren Lawrence from Pixabay) experiences

Every week, we write about experiences travellers can have all over the world. Here are some of our favourites from this week:

Swim in the Mayan underworld at a cenote near Playa del Carmen in Mexico

Walk into the center of the earth at the Aktun Chen cavern, which means ‘cave with a sinkhole.’ National Geographic named it as one of the top 10 best underground walks of the world.  A specialised guide will accompany you and enchant you with stories and legends of this mystic system of caves that dates back five million of years. Once you pass 600 metres of stunning rock formations, you’ll reach the dazzling crystal waters of a cenote. A shiny ceiling of stalactites and stalagmites will make you feel you are standing in an underground cathedral.

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Venture to the end of the world in Ushuaia in Argentina

Ushuaia, often referred to as the southernmost city in the world, offers a unique experience for travellers. From this remote outpost, you can explore the stunning landscapes of Tierra del Fuego National Park, take a boat trip along the Beagle Channel, or even embark on an expedition to Antarctica. The city itself is full of history and charm, with a number of museums, restaurants and shops to explore.

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Visit the (other) Parthenon in Nashville

You don’t have to fly to Europe to see The Parthenon. Nashville has it’s own full-size replica and it’s actually in better shape than the one in Athens because it’s not in ruins. Why is it here? Well, once upon a time, the city was known as The Athens of the South and to commemorate the state’s centennial in 1897, the city fathers thought it would be a good idea to honour Nashville’s nickname by building a copy of one of antiquity’s most famous edifices. Today, it serves as an art gallery and a popular landmark that is worth the detour to see for yourself. While you’re there, be sure to look for the massive statue of the goddess Athena inside.

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Dive into the world’s first underwater sculpture park in Grenada

Immerse yourself in the world’s first underwater sculpture park located in Molinere Bay. This unique underwater gallery is home to a collection of ecological underwater contemporary art. It’s a must-visit for snorkelling and diving enthusiasts. The sculptures serve as artificial reefs, promoting marine life and offers divers a unique experience.

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Marvel at the whimsical and bizarre Robo Lights in Palm Springs

Robo Lights is an outdoor sculpture park of giant pink robots and post-apocalyptic Christmas scenes created by artist Kenny Irwin Jr. This whimsical and bizarre attraction features thousands of recycled materials, such as car parts, mannequins, toilets and toys, that are transformed into colourful and imaginative sculptures. You can walk through the park and marvel at the creativity and eccentricity of Irwin’s vision. Robo Lights is especially spectacular at night when it is illuminated by millions of lights.

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