Journey through Savannah’s hidden treasures by visiting these 10 attractions


Known for its rich history, stunning architecture and hauntingly beautiful landscapes, Savannah offers a tapestry of experiences that weave together to create a destination unlike any other. This guide will take you beyond the well-trodden paths to discover the heart and soul of Georgia’s oldest city through ten under-the-radar experiences that capture the essence of Savannah’s charm.

Take a leisurely stroll through history

Let the historic charm of Savannah’s cobblestone streets and moss-draped oaks enchant you as you explore hidden courtyards, local art galleries and quaint boutiques. Each corner of the Historic District offers a story waiting to be discovered, from colonial-era homes to historic churches, and every brick and balcony has a tale to tell. It’s a place where history is not just remembered; it’s lived.

Discover marine life wonders

Experience the vibrant marine life at Tybee Island Marine Science Center. Engage with interactive exhibits, participate in beach walks and learn about coastal Georgia’s unique ecosystem. It’s an educational adventure for all ages, offering insights into the importance of conservation and the role each species plays in the marine environment. From hands-on encounters with local sea life to educational talks, there’s something for everyone.

Explore the history of slavery

The Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters offers a poignant look into antebellum life and urban slavery. Guided tours reveal the complex history and stories of those who lived and worked on this historic property. The house itself is a masterpiece of English Regency architecture and the slave quarters provide a sobering reminder of America’s past, making it an essential visit for understanding Savannah’s history.

Wander amongst the statues and spirits of a historic cemetery

Bonaventure Cemetery is not just a resting place for Savannah’s past residents; it’s a sculpture garden, a history book, and an art gallery all in one. Its peaceful atmosphere makes it a reflective escape from the city. With elaborate mausoleums, hauntingly beautiful statues, and gravesites telling stories of love, loss, and legacy, it’s a place where art and nature intertwine in quiet harmony.

Feel the resilience and faith at First African Baptist Church

First African Baptist Church is not only an architectural beauty but also a monument to history and resilience. Established by enslaved Africans, it stands as one of North America’s oldest African American churches. The church still holds services in its original building, offering visitors a chance to witness its stunning interior and learn about its role in the Underground Railroad.

Celebrate Gullah/Geechee culture 

Set in an old oyster factory, Pin Point Heritage Museum is a celebration of Gullah/Geechee culture. The museum shares stories of this vibrant community through exhibits, artifacts, and live demonstrations. Visitors can learn about traditional fishing techniques, see Gullah/Geechee crafts being made by hand, and hear firsthand accounts of life in Pin Point throughout history.

Honour Savannah’s Civil Rights legacy

The Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum chronicles Savannah’s struggle for equality with photographs, artifacts and personal narratives. It’s named after the local NAACP leader who was instrumental in the movement. The museum provides an immersive experience through interactive exhibits that highlight key events and figures in the civil rights movement in Savannah.

Catch a show at America’s oldest continually operating theatre

The historic Savannah Theatre, opened in 1818, hosts a variety of performances from musicals to comedy nights. The theatre’s rich history is palpable as you step into the auditorium, with its lavish decor and intimate setting. It’s a cultural hub where the arts come alive, offering a diverse lineup of shows that captivate audiences of all ages.

Reflect on the Civil Rights movement at the Woolworth sit-in site

Stand where history was made at the Woolworth Sit-In Site. This unassuming location was pivotal during the civil rights movement when brave students staged sit-ins to protest segregation. It’s a powerful reminder of the fight for social justice and the ongoing journey toward equality. The site serves as a testament to the courage and determination of those who stood up against injustice.

Experience nature’s serenity at Skidaway Island State Park

Escape to Skidaway Island State Park for a nature retreat. Trails wind through maritime forests and salt marshes offering opportunities for birdwatching, hiking and encountering local wildlife in their natural habitat. The park provides a tranquil setting where visitors can connect with nature, enjoy picnics under the shade of live oaks, and witness stunning views of the intercoastal waterway.

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