Take the time to discover Alberta by trying these 10 experiences

Lake Louise, Alberta

The Canadian province of Alberta is well known for its stunning natural beauty and iconic attractions. Here are some of the experiences that have made the province a favourite destination for visitors along with a few that you may not be familiar with.

Unearth prehistoric secrets where the dinosaurs walked

Explore the otherworldly badlands of Dinosaur Provincial Park, where ancient fossils reveal the secrets of prehistoric life. Wander among hoodoos and sun-baked earth, imagining the dinosaurs that once roamed this surreal landscape that is today a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Guided tours provide fascinating insights into the region’s paleontological wonders.

Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, the name says it all

Step back in time at the Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, another of the province’s six UNESCO World Heritage Site. Learn about Indigenous history and witness the dramatic buffalo jump technique. Stand on the same cliffs where ancient hunters skillfully drove bison over the edge to more easily hunt them. The interpretive center offers captivating exhibits and storytelling.

Go where the Rockies meet the prairies

Discover the serene beauty of Waterton Lakes National Park, a cross-border park that is shared with the neighbouring United States. It’s here where the Rockies meet the prairies. Hike through wildflower-strewn meadows, kayak on pristine lakes and breathe in the crisp mountain air. Keep an eye out for elusive wildlife, from grizzly bears to mountain goats. The park’s harmonious blend of Canadian and American landscapes is a testament to peace and cooperation.

Get lost in a corn maze

Get lost in the intricate corn maze at Brooks, a fun family-friendly activity. Challenge your navigation skills as you wind through towering corn stalks, seeking hidden checkpoints. The maze changes annually, so each visit offers a fresh adventure. Don’t forget to snap photos from the viewing platform, capturing the sprawling design.

Unearth dinosaur mysteries at a world-class museum

Marvel at lifelike fossil displays, including the fearsome Tyrannosaurus rex, at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, one of the finest paleontology museums in the world. Interactive exhibits allow you to dig for fossils and piece together prehistoric puzzles. The museum’s location amid the Alberta Badlands only adds to the sense of discovery.

Take a scenic drive amid Alberta’s mighty glaciers and mountain lakes

When people outside of Canada think of the country, the landscape they imagine is what you’ll see in a drive along the breathtaking Icefields Parkway where you will be surrounded by glaciers, turquoise lakes and abundant wildlife. Stop at viewpoints like Peyto Lake and Athabasca Falls, where the natural beauty will leave you awestruck. Keep your camera ready for glimpses of elk, bighorn sheep, bears and soaring eagles.

Take in a live performance in Rosebud

Experience live theater in the charming hamlet of Rosebud, a place with a population of less than 150 people. The intimate Rosebud Theatre offers captivating performances, from classic plays to original works. Enjoy dinner at the Mercantile Dining Room before settling into your seat for an evening of entertainment. The cozy ambiance and talented actors make this a must-visit cultural gem.

Canoe on Canada’s most famous lake

It doesn’t get more Canadian than canoeing across iconic Lake Louise, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. The silt of the glacier-fed waters reflect the sky making it seem perfectly blue which makes for a postcard-perfect setting.  Keep an eye out for wildlife along the shoreline as you glide through this alpine paradise.

Tour the ghost towns of Alberta

Scattered all over the province are the eerie remnants of abandoned ghost towns. Some were abandoned when nearby mines played out or the railway line was cut. Many are easy to locate and others take a bit more work, but it’s fascinating to wander through weathered buildings, rusty machinery and overgrown streets to image what these places must have been like. Each ghost town has its own story, from boom to bust, and offers a haunting glimpse into Alberta’s past.

Take a hike in scenic sand dunes

Hike through the unique sand dunes of Athabasca, a rare desert-like landscape in Canada. The shifting sands create ever-changing patterns, and the stark beauty of this remote area is mesmerizing. Capture the golden hues during sunrise or sunset for a truly magical experience.

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