Discover the beauty of Ghana by visiting these 10 hidden gems

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Embark on a journey through Ghana, a land rich with cultural heritage and natural beauty. Beyond the well-trodden paths lie hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. From serene nature reserves to historical forts with untold stories, Ghana offers offbeat experiences for travellers seeking adventures that are both unique and authentic. Here’s a curated list of 10 under-the-radar experiences that promise to enrich your travel diary with memories that last a lifetime.

Sleep under the stars at an ancient German fort

Imagine a night where history whispers tales of yore as you slumber under the celestial tapestry at Fort Gross Frederiksburg. This historic German fortification, now a rest house, offers a unique lodging experience. Perched atop a cliff in Princes Town, it overlooks a secluded beach and the vast Atlantic. Here, you can dine on locally-caught seafood and fall asleep to the rhythmic lull of the ocean, all while ensconced in the fort’s storied walls.

Ride the waves at a surfer’s paradise

At Cape Three Point, the southernmost tip of Ghana, the ocean’s waves beckon surfers to its shores. This surfer’s paradise offers not just the thrill of the surf but also the chance to witness marine life, including whales. The pristine waters and consistent swells make for an exhilarating experience, while the nearby turtle sanctuary adds an eco-friendly touch to your adventure.

Savour the flavours of traditional Ghanaian spirits

Step into the Republic Bar and Grill in Accra to embark on a spirited journey through Ghana’s traditional drinks. Here, Akpeteshie, a potent local spirit, is transformed into delightful cocktails infused with tropical flavours like coconut, hibiscus, ginger and pineapple. It’s an experience that tantalizes the taste buds and offers a glimpse into the vibrant culture of Ghana through its unique libations.

Experience the thrill of a local boxing match

In the heart of Jamestown’s Bukom, the pulse of boxing beats strong. This small enclave, known for producing world champion boxers, offers an electrifying experience as you witness a local match. The atmosphere is charged with energy, the crowd’s cheers are infectious, and the boxers’ skill is undeniable. It’s a raw, unfiltered slice of Ghanaian passion and prowess.

Walk among the treetops in Kakum National Park

The Kakum Canopy Walkway invites you to tread amidst the treetops, offering a bird’s-eye view of the lush rainforest below. Suspended high above the ground, this series of hanging bridges presents a thrilling perspective of Ghana’s diverse ecosystem. It’s a place where the forest’s secrets are unveiled, from the vibrant plumage of birds to the playful antics of monkeys.

Discover the sacred crocodile ponds of Paga

In the northern reaches of Ghana lies Paga, a town where crocodiles and humans share a unique bond. The sacred crocodile ponds of Paga are home to these revered creatures, considered totems by the locals. Visitors can witness the extraordinary sight of crocodiles being called from the water and fed by hand, a testament to the harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Explore the mystery of the Tengzug Shrine

The Tengzug Shrine, nestled in the Talensi area of northern Ghana, is a place shrouded in mystique. This sacred site, surrounded by striking boulders and ancient baobab trees, is known for its spiritual significance and unique topless rituals. Visitors can explore the shrine’s surroundings, learning about the customs and beliefs that have been preserved for generations.

Visit the oldest mosque in Ghana

The Larabanga Mosque stands as a testament to Ghana’s Islamic heritage. Known as the ‘Mecca of West Africa,’ this ancient mosque, built in the Sudanese architectural style, is the oldest in the country. Its adobe walls and wooden sticks jutting out are not just architectural features but also hold historical and cultural significance, drawing visitors from far and wide.

Witness the artistry of Ga-Adangbe caskets

Accra’s Kane Kwei Carpentry Workshop is a place where death is celebrated with life-affirming artistry. Here, the Ga-Adangbe people’s tradition of creating fantasy coffins – caskets crafted in the shapes of objects that reflect the deceased’s life or dreams – is on full display. These bespoke creations range from animals to automobiles, symbolizing the belief in life after death.

Stand in awe at Black Star Square

Black Star Square, also known as Independence Square, is a symbol of Ghana’s national pride and sovereignty. This vast public space in Accra is flanked by monuments and arches that commemorate the country’s struggle for independence. It’s a place where history resonates, and the nation’s triumphs are celebrated with parades and national events throughout the year.

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