This week’s Travel Top 5: Milan’s hidden canals, Sri Lanka’s last cave dwellers and The birthplace of Dungeons & Dragons

The hidden canals of MIlan are just one of the many interesting experiences we recommend this week. (Image via Creative Commons)

Every week, we write about interesting and unique experiences travellers can have all over the world. Here are some of our favourites from this week:

Uncover the secrets of the Hidden Canals of Milan, Italy

Did you know that Milan was once a city of canals, much like Venice? While most of these canals have been covered up, you can still explore some of them. The Hidden Canals of Milan tour takes you on a journey through the city’s past, uncovering the secrets of these forgotten waterways. It’s a unique way to see a different side of Milan.

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Discover Gal Oya’s cave dwellers in Sri Lanka

Embark on a unique adventure in Gal Oya National Park. Meet Sri Lanka’s last surviving cave dwellers and learn about their ancient way of life. Explore hidden caves adorned with rock art and hear stories passed down through generations. Witness a slice of history rarely seen by tourists.

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Play Dungeons & Dragons in the Wisconsin house where it was invented

The hugely-popular game of Dungeons & Dragons was invented in Lake Geneva by Gary Gygax and Dale Arneson. Gygax’s still lived at home with his parents in an unassuming house that for the past many years was used as another family’s summer home. They have since rebranded it as The Birthplace of D&D and make it available for fans from around the world to come and play the game in the very spot where it all started. There’s even a loft next door where you can stay the night.

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Hunt for the ghosts of bullfighters at the abandoned Plaza de Toros in Montevideo, Uruguay

The Plaza de Toros Real de San Carlos is located just outside Colonia del Sacramento and was once a bullfighting arena. However, bullfighting was banned in Uruguay during the early 20th century. This majestic structure was inspired by Moorish architecture and has been left to the elements, allowing nature to slowly reclaim it. Visitors can explore its ruins, and the grand arches and columns create a dramatic backdrop. The arena’s past and present offer a stark contrast, and its sense of tranquility is a poignant reminder of the impermanence of human endeavors.

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Find serenity at the tiny Living Water Wayside Chapel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario

In the heart of Niagara-on-the-Lake lies the Living Water Wayside Chapel, a quaint sanctuary that offers a moment of peace and reflection. This tiny chapel, one of the smallest you’ll ever see, invites just six visitors at a time to bask in its intimate and serene atmosphere. Whether you seek a quiet place for contemplation or a unique spot to appreciate architectural charm, this chapel is a must-visit on your journey.

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