This week’s Top 5 travel experiences: A baseball bat museum, a glider museum and a comic book trail

The Louisville Slugger museum in Louisville, KY is one of our top travel experiences this week.

Every week, we write about interesting and unique experiences travellers can have all over the world. Here are some of our favourites from this week:

Swing for the fences at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

Baseball’s rich heritage is on full display at the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory. Here, the story of America’s pastime is told through the lens of the iconic Louisville Slugger bat. Visitors can witness the meticulous craft of bat-making during factory tours and even test their swing in the batting cages. The museum celebrates the sport’s legends and lore, making it a must-visit for baseball fans and history enthusiasts alike.

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Learn the little-told story of America’s wartime glider pilots in Lubbock, Texas

The history of America’s fighter pilots and bomber pilots during the Second World War is familiar to many, but the story of its glider pilots is not, which is why the Silent Wings museum is so vital. These men transported airborne troops behind enemy lines on the silent wings of gliders in some of the war’s most important battles, including D-Day in Normandy and the invasion of Sicily. Many of these pilots trained in Lubbock which is why the museum was located here. In addition to the many weapons, uniforms and photos on display, the museum has an original Waco CG-4 glider that you can see and touch, one of only seven left in the world.

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Follow the Comic Strip Trail in Belgium

Brussels celebrates its status as the comic strip capital with the Comic Strip Trail. This collection of over 50 murals scattered throughout the city pays homage to beloved characters and creators of famous bandes dessinées like Tintin and Astérix, turning the streets into an open-air gallery that delights fans of all ages.

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Experience the charm of the Papaya Vintage Shop in Bangkok

The Papaya Vintage Shop is a wonderland for collectors and nostalgia seekers. This warehouse-sized emporium houses an eclectic collection of vintage items, antiques and oddities. From retro furniture to classic toys, each item has a story to tell, making it more than just a shopping trip—it’s a journey through time.

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Witness the Northern Lights at A.Y. Jackson Lookout near Sudbury, Ontario

The A.Y. Jackson Lookout provides a panoramic stage for one of nature’s most spectacular shows—the Northern Lights. Named after the famous Group of Seven artist, this lookout is perched above Onaping Falls and is the perfect spot to witness the beauty of the aurora borealis as it dances across the night sky, painting it with ethereal hues.

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